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Modern Arched Carport Canopy by Miami Awning Company
Carport Canopy - Arched Modern Style - commercial and residential applications by Miami Awning
Double Carport Hip Roof Style and special features
Carports by Miami Awning - Double Carport - exterior view
Carports by Miami Awning - Double Carport - interior view
Double Carport with inset posts
Double Carport Hip Roof Style
Custom Carport
Double Carport with inset posts
Special Single Carport with Side Walls

Carports protect your investment in your vehicle by providing protection from the sun and rain. 

Some benefits are keeping your vehicle cool with shade during summer months as well as providing protection from ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can damage your paint finish and interior.  Carports also provide protection from the rain.

 Various Carport Styles: Gable Carport, Hip Roof Style Carport, Modern Arched Carport. 

  • Typical Carport Sizes: 
  • Single Carport - 10'-0"w x 20'-0"l x 11'-0"h 
  • Double Carport - 20'-0"w x 20'-0"l x11'-0"h
  • Custom sizes are available

See our modern arched canopy that was featured in Fabric Architecture Magazine. [ Link below]



  • Shading
  • Protection from sun and rain
  • Style
  • Function


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