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Roll Down Curtains for Shade, Wind, Rain, Sun and Weather Protection

Roller Shade Curtain in clear vinyl with solid vinyl around the edges - installed at the Cuisinart Resort, Anguilla B.W.I.
Curtains - Roll Down Curtains for Shade, Wind and Rain protection - installed on Large Canopy for Restaurant at the Cuisinart Resort
Multiple Roller Curtains used on the Canopy at the Cuisinart Resort
Roller curtains provide shade for restaurant patrons - manual or motorized curtains transform your space throughout the day
Roller curtains in retracted position and hidden in custom panels on this restaurant canopy
Roller Curtains - hidden to open restaurant to views and island breezes on a beautiful day!

Miami Awning produces Roll Down Curtains in a variety of styles.  Mesh Curtains provide shade and protection from insects.  Vinyl curtains provide shade, wind and rain protection and are all customizable. You can order in clear or smoke to allow your view.  Vinyl or acrylic fabric is another feature that accents the curtain to match or accent your canopy.  Curtains provide solutions that enhance your canopy.  Create that special canopy that can be used all year round in all types of weather!  Roller Curtains also save energy and can also make it possible to aircondition or heat outdoor spaces with portable A/C and heating units.  The solution for year-round events on your property.

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